From the day it was founded, Care Needs has put people at the heart of everything it does. This continues to this day, and is reflected in our commitment to delivering the most outstanding care possible to our service users. As a result, we now use the app, Birdie.

Birdie is a paperless system that allows providers to digitally log the care that they have provided in real-time as well as allowing family members to receive real time updates about their loved-one.

The information uploaded to Birdie by the carer is instantly made available to the care agency. This information will also be available to the family of the care recipient (if they opt in) via the Birdie Family App.

With thoughtfully designed functionality Birdie ensures that all information about the care your loved one is receiving is made available instantly.

The Birdie App is now being used by Care Needs
The Birdie App is now being used by Care Needs

You will be able to instantly see updates about:

  • Which medications have been administered
  • Care notes detailing what was undertaken by the carer at each visit
  • The daily well-being of your loved one

Birdie FAQs

What kind of information is captured and shared by Birdie?
Your loved one’s professional carer will record the care tasks (including any medication administered or prompted) that were completed and a general summary of their health and wellbeing. This is required by the CQC and to ensure there is a clear log for family, as well as other health and care professionals. In addition, if an accident or incident occurs, they will share details of what happened.

How is data and information protected?
Birdie is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018 which ensures that personal information is protected, handled and stored correctly. For full details of the Birdie policies please visit the website:

Who can access the family app?
The care recipient decides who can access their care reports. There is no obligation for them to share their information with family members and they can choose which members of the family they wish to grant access.

The Birdie App is now being used by Care Needs

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