When someone has a rare or complex condition, we understand how difficult it may be to take on the responsibility of arranging or providing the specialist care that is required.

Our specialist care packages are tailored to the needs of our Service Users, providing a respectful, reassuring and supportive solution that can help those in need.


Dementia Care

Being in familiar surroundings or their own home often helps those suffering from Dementia. This is why we pride ourselves on providing 24 hour support, seven days a week to support Service Users with Dementia.

We can help the Service User with daily tasks that may be challenging for individuals with memory loss such as personal care and dressing. Safety is an important part of their daily routine, and we can assist with the use of memory aids, including for example labels on doors and cupboards, and medication.

There are many behavioural and communicative changes that come with a Dementia diagnosis but with Care Needs you are in safe hands.


Palliative Care

With many years of experience in providing palliative care, our compassionate Carers can provide the peace of mind that loved ones are being cared for with dignity in their last days.

We work with the Service User and their family, as well as other health and social care professionals, to develop a personalised support plan that will treat the individual with empathy and respect. We take into account their needs, preferences and choices.

We also offer an emergency response service to provide much needed support during this time.


Complex Care Packages

Our experienced Care Needs team is specially trained to manage complex needs such as long term or terminal illnesses.

We have dedicated double up teams each consisting of two Carers that can assist with the needs of a complex care package, including moving and handling, personal hygiene and medication (includes peg feeding, catheter care, stoma care, administering prescribed drugs and safe use of oxygen).

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