Our Founders

Our Founders

Established in 2001, Care Needs was founded by a mother and daughter, Brenda and Lucy, in order to meet the growing requirement for providing compassionate care and support for people in their own homes.

Brenda and Lucy combined their diverse skills from previous roles to not only build Care Needs from the ground up, but to put family values at the heart of everything they do. This passion continues to this day under the lead of Lucy and as a legacy to her mum.

From the very start, Care Needs has put people at the forefront of everything it does. This continues to this day, and is reflected in our commitment to enhancing and empowering the lives of our service users, whilst providing fulfilling careers for our dedicated team.

Founded on family values and driven by a passion to make a difference, Care Needs is proud to lead the sector by championing innovative and flexible services whilst bringing together a team of trusted supportive care experts.

Whatever your needs, we are committed to making positive change by continually developing our services and offering forward thinking solutions which meet the changing individual requirements of our service users.

Whether it’s through specialist care, companionship services or support work, we understand the importance of empowering and enhancing the lives of those in need of our services. This is why our friendly and highly skilled team are always on hand to ensure our service users are seen, heard, valued and respected.

Our Values


Whether caring for a loved one, working alongside you, or if you are a member of our team, you will be seen, heard, valued and respected; caring is at the heart of all that we do.


We are industry leading care providers who pride ourselves on working closely with others.


We are committed to making positive change to the care sector by continually developing our services and offering innovative solutions which meet the changing needs of our Service Users.


We are trusted by our service users, our partner agencies, and our staff to deliver industry leading care.

Our Forward Thinking Approach

Care Needs’ forward thinking solutions can offer impactful, long term benefits and enhanced care services for those who need it most.

Our focus on innovation means that Care Needs is able to deliver industry leading care solutions at a cost-effective price point.

Care Needs’ innovative approach to domiciliary care has led to us becoming recognised as specialists in double-ups / double care solutions and the development of forward thinking solutions. This includes our unique ‘night visit service’.

This commitment to developing ‘industry-first’ solutions means that Care Needs is able to deliver services which can offer round the clock care and preventative benefits for service users.

Partnering with Care Needs

Valued relationships form the fabric of Care Needs’ offering – as a result, we have a reputation for upholding the highest standards of care within the public sector.

Care Needs has a wealth of experience working closely with local authorities, the NHS and other public sector bodies. We have trusted and transparent working relationships with everyone that we collaborate with, and our outstanding reputation sets us apart.

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